Our Approach

Stratus maintains a disciplined investment approach based on relationships, experience and real estate expertise. Most of our lucrative real estate deals are sourced from valuable partners we’ve spent years cultivating relationships with. We constantly analyze a wide range of investment opportunities and truly understand how to mitigate hidden risks in projects. We effectively and efficiently execute strategic asset management plans while always keeping our focus on long-term value.


We commit to working with unwavering honesty, long-term positive results and mutually beneficial opportunities. Trust and respect for our clients form the foundation that guides our firm and our investments. It is these principles, along with our partners, that are the core of our decades of success.


The Stratus team has extensive experience in land acquisition, entitlement and repositioning, and managing multiple asset types, guiding clients through all aspects of development including oil and gas policies, water rights and metropolitan district structures. Our strong relationships with architectural, engineering and design firms provide our clients with access to trustworthy partners that can bring a development project to fruition on-time and in-budget.

Who We WOrk WIth

If you are working on behalf of a client to buy or sell land or property, we can help. With years of experience and a deep understanding of things like oil and gas policies, water rights and metropolitan district structures, we can help identify and acquire or sell the right asset for your client.

If you are in need of entitled lots or are actively looking for commercial properties, Stratus can help. We can help you find land or property, analyze it based on your needs, mitigate any potential risk and finalize the acquisition.

Have a piece of land for sale? We are interested. Stratus is an active buyer and also seller. Check out our projects page to see the type of deals we’ve facilitated in the past and are working on currently.

Through dozens of single-family residential real estate deals over the years, Stratus has established strong relationships with almost all of the national home builders.

Stratus Can Help